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Our team is pleased to present our studies project "One Piu Day"! By our sweat and common passion we're offering you the experience of a 2D platformer.


You play a baby bird that has just been pushed from its nest by its brothers and sisters. Your goal is to go up the tree to regain your nest, and defeat your siblings.


You'll be confronted by differents animals in all every levels, but using your wings and by caring stuff around, you'll be succesfull.



Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

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I found this game to be hard for some reason. I fall short of jumps and, some mushrooms just seem to be too high up. It's like flappy bird all over again but, add in mario jumps.

Played your game on my series, Indie Game Roundup (starts at 1:00:22 if embed isn't working). Very promising so far!

Made a video

I really enjoyed this game, and have high hopes for it in the future! Good luck! 

I played the first level and the second, and the atmosphere of the game is really nice, can sometimes feel a bit harsh on the eyes. the music cuts out a bit weirdly at times in the first level, but the music is really nice in the second one. The controls feels a bit slow and not very "comfortable". Level design wise, the first level is simplistic and nice, the second felt really messy and since the area was kinda big, the close up camera didnt feel natural and didnt really fit. Hope you take what I said into consideration, and keep up the good work!

The game is simple, it's easy to learn, the music and the art create a great atmosphere and feeling to the game. One thing that caught my eye at the very start of the game that it was hard to distinguish platforms that you can land on from the background, there wasn't really a clear indicator for that. Controls felt good and responsive from the very start, even though a bit "floaty". Feels and looks like a game with good potential, hope it goes well with the development in the future!

This is the best 2-d Platformer Demo I have ever played. The artistic demeanor this game radiates is pure beauty. I found myself at a loss for words in order to describe this game while I was playing through. I was thrown completely off by the feelings this game brings to the player, it is absolute positivity. I can sense the immense amount of work which went into this, and I am proud to say I have had the pleasure to play it. The music soundtracks are musically sublime and immersive, while the environments are visually pleasing and enticing. I cannot wait for the fully developed version from such a strong team of student developers. I recommend everyone of all ages play this game, because there is more to take away than a simple experience. Play this for yourself to see what this game brings out for you, for me it was joy. I truly hope all goes well in future development, because you have made such a wonderful start. Thank you for sharing your creative minds and your game!